4 Clever Kitchen Hacks To Reduce Your Food Preparation & Cooking Time By Half (2 Free Bonuses at the end!)

Do you enjoy cooking and anticipating the satisfied faces of those who have tasted your delectable cooking?

But, there’s only one problem…

You don’t have the time, or rather can’t afford to waste time prepping the food.

What now?

Fret not. We’ve compiled 4 clever hacks from chefs around the world that will help you reduce your food preparation time by half,  or less.

Hack #1: Peel Everything Faster

One thing that makes prep work pretty arduous would be peeling ingredients; taking the time to carefully remove the skin without damaging the ingredient.


To peel potatoes faster, you can slice off the ends first so you don’t have to peel around the corners, which takes more time. Or boil the potatoes with the skin on, then remove it when the skin becomes soft enough to remove, even without the use of a peeler or knife!



For onions, soak them in hot water or lightly roast them and you will see how easily the outer layer falls off.


To peel garlic, simply toss them into a pot or mason jar, put on the lid and start shaking vigorously! After this process, you may observe that the the garlic clove is fully peeled and stripped off their skin without the use of any knife work.


For peeling ginger, use the MacGuyver trick by removing the skin with the side of a spoon. It should allow you to peel off the skin even in hard to reach areas and not waste any of that fresh spice.

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Hack #2: Do NOT Defrost the Fish

You heard it right!

Don’t wait for the seafood to thaw but instead immediately place the frozen piece into the pan and sauté, broil or roast it as it is from the get-go.


The outcome is a delicious seafood-rich dish that makes actually makes use of the defrosting during cooking to let the fish work its magic. Rather than wait for the seafood to defrost, Chef Jesse Cool of the Flea Street café in Menlo Park chooses to throw her fish onto the pan un-thawed and start cooking right away. It takes a few extra minutes, but you will see that as the fish thaws, so does its juices which infuses with the sauce, retaining all the delicious flavor.

[*Take note, this is only suitable for frozen seafood, not frozen poultry.]

Hack #3: Freeze Beef for ‘Just a Moment’ to Slice Effortlessly

This is for the ones who need thin slices of beef as a staple ingredient in their dish, and want to cut the meat into uniform pieces effortlessly in just a fraction of the time usually required..

The trick to saving time and getting consistent slices is to partially freeze the uncooked steak first.

What! Freeze the steak?

No, you did not hear me wrong.
And no, I’m not kidding.

Placing the cut of meat into the freezer for about 20 minutes, while preparing the other ingredients in the meantime. This will allow you to slice the meat with no struggle at all. When the meat is taken out from the freezer, it should be firm enough to be effortlessly sliced into perfect, easy-to-cook bite-sized pieces.

Hack #4: Broil instead of Bake

Surely you have used the oven to bake salmon, chicken, casserole and more. But did you know, you could also set your oven to ‘broil’ mode, instead of ‘bake’ mode?

When broiling, it generally takes about half to one-third the amount of time it takes when baking. This is because baking uses indirect, ambient heat, while broiling uses direct, infrared heat.

Turn thick cuts of meat and dense vegetables such as carrots during broiling for best results. Avoid marinades containing oil for foods that you intend to broil; the oil can cause splattering, risking fires.

You do have to make a few minor adjustments in cooking time and temperature, but you can broil the same foods you normally bake to get a yummy meal in little time!

BONUS Hack #5: Use the right tools to get things done quickly!

Given today’s advancement in technology and how gadget-savvy we are, we should make use of these amazing modern appliances to cut down on the time and effort needed for prep work! Here are tools that we’ve found that we think will make preparation much easier for you.

Tool 1: Save time and effort on slicing and dicing

Chopping up and dicing your onions can be very tricky and time consuming. You also have to focus to make sure that you do not accidentally cut your fingers.

This tool called the Onion Assistant will help you to sliced, dice or even make onion rings easily.

I’ve even tried to use the Onion Assistant on cucumbers, tomatoes and potatoes, and it works beautifully!

Tool 2: Peeling prawns no longer a hassle

If you love prawns and shrimps but hate having to peel them, this Prawn Peeler will help you to get the shell off your prawns with a single movement.

How it works:

Simply slide the Prawn Peeler up to the tail of the prawn and the shell splits in half and falls right off the prawn – legs and all.

A well-designed Prawn Peeler has a proper groove that protects the flesh of your prawn to ensure it remains undamaged so that your prawns look beautiful when served.

With this tool, you can enjoy cooking and serving prawns without worrying about the hassle of peeling them!

How much time will you save?

So here are my 4 + 1 clever hacks that will cut your food preparation time by half, or less. I hope these tips will help you prepare dinner in a flash, and I will be back for more tips in the kitchen. Let me know which hacks you plan to use and how much time you save using them in the comments below! Till next time!

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